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What we offer

Standard Courses:

Phoenix Solutions4all has a wide range of standard IT training courses on Offer. Most or our training sessions are 1-day duration with some software such as Project Introduction, Access Introduction and VBA require 2 days.

To see a the list of all our courses on offer please refer to Our Courses section.

We will be happy to provide the  course contents in Word or pdf version, if and when required.

Customised Training sessions

We specialise in customising the course content to suit your needs. 

Formal/Informal telephone or face-to-face meetings can be arranged to discuss and agree upon the tailored course content. This ensures that we fully understand your specific requirements in order to run the project smoothly.

Our approach to meeting your training demands is very flexible. Sessions can be tailored to focus on specific areas of the software and therefore, when possible, duration of the session can be changed. This allows for running number of shorter, more defined and varied sessions in one day, e.g. Excel Databases and Pivot Tables- 3 hr session in the morning and Word Styles – 3hr session in the afternoon.

This customisation is also helpful to employees as they are able to select the sessions that are most suited to their needs at the time without being away from the office for the entire day.

All the course contents are supplied with learning goals as well as prerequisites for attending the training to ensure that the course is suitable for the learners' needs as well as relevant to their current level of knowledge.

The customisation is provided free of charge. 

Bespoke software training

Our training professionals are versatile and will be happy, as proved on many occasions, to learn bespoke systems currently in use by you in order to carry out the training. All our trainers are skilled in writing manuals, creating PowerPoint presentations and many more tools to assist with teaching.

Project work

Phoenix Solutions4all has vast experience in facilitating training for wide-range of projects.

Our trainers successfully assisted in number of projects for different size companies, varying from 30 to 1700 employees. Projects included conversion from Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2010 and 2007 platforms, changing from Lotus Notes to Outlook Exchange platform, training for companies moving to Google platform.

Our trainers provided numerous types of classroom training for those projects as listed below:

Short presentation sessions:

This type of session is most suitable for employees who are partly familiar with the software or confident in the ability to learn quickly. During those sessions employees would be shown the main functionalities of the software on the screen and have opportunity to ask questions and make notes

Short hands-on sessions:

Most suitable for employees who will use the software in basic way and would like to find out about the new functionality included in the package.  This session would give the attendees opportunity to use the software before the change. This gives them confidence to use the software and eradicates the delay in carrying daily tasks after the change.

In-depth 1 day sessions:

Those sessions are most suitable for employees in need of in-depth knowledge of the software. This option can be used for employees with the need of thorough knowledge of the software. It is often used as a tool to train the Super Users for different departments, who would be able to help other employees with the day to day tasks. It is also suitable for IT Helpdesk professionals who will support users in the company post migration.

Floor walking assistance:

Phoenix Solutions4all trainers have a lot of expertise in providing floor walking, post migration assistance. Once the new software is deployed, the in-depth knowledge of packages allows the floor supporting trainers to assist the user with the daily tasks and answer the questions specific to the employees work load. This support ensures the smooth transition and eliminates vast amount of delays due to unfamiliarity with the software.

Training world wide:

Instances where training is required for regional, national or international offices, our trainers will be happy to travel.

We will also be happy to use the Video Conferencing equipment to run training sessions when classroom training is not an option. Our trainers are COLF (Certified Online Learning Facilitator) certified

More training options:

The above are few of many services that we offer. We are always happy to discuss your specific needs and provided services that would be most suitable for the particular project.

Please let us know if you would like us to send you some example teaching aids used in various projects or references from some of our existing clients.