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Success Stories

These testimonials have been written by our clients in their own words about us as trainers as well as Phoenix Solutions4all.

These testimonials help us to gain your trust and confidence in us as well as constantly remind us to serve all clients with the same determination, flexibility, hard work and enthusiasm in the future with the help of our highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable team of Microsoft, Adobe and Soft Skills trainers.

Following are some of the quotes from people who have attended our training sessions:

"Our trainer was excellent and took time to ensure everyone kept up even though we were all at different levels. They were very accommodating and approachable throughout."

"I would recommend the Excel Introduction course to anyone who wants to start using Excel and the trainer was really great, he was friendly and explained everything fully."


McDonald's - Faye Sawyer - Training Consultant, McDonald's Restaurants Ltd.

We have worked in close partnership for a long time, since the closure of Mouse.

Our KPI's are for delegates to gain skills that will help them perform more effectively in their role.

The way hands-on classroom training has benefited your Organisation is:

Delegates can ask questions as they go and get an immediate response from an SME.

Delegates can work on real pieces of work and therefore apply learns immediately.

It allows time to practise and/or make mistakes in a safe environment.

The content and flow of the session can be adjusted to meet the delegate’s needs.

The aim is to up skill employees so that they can perform their role more effectively and efficiently.Phoenix have been very helpful in achieving this.

Our experience working with Phoenix Solutions4all:

Professional approach

Phoenix are always professional, they are friendly and approachable, and always go out of their way to provide the best possible service.

Trainers knowledge

The Trainers are exceptionally knowledgeable in their area of expertise and ensure they keep up-to-date with new software.


We have always found Phoenix to be extremely flexible.  They managed to provide Trainers for all of our requests even at short notice,

We would recommend Phoenix to others as an IT learning solution.  They are knowledgeable, professional and extremely pleasant to work with.

Phoenix are doing a great job at meeting our learning objectives which will now be further supported by the exciting new website.

BMA - Will Clarke - IM&T Support Services Manager

Maggie and Raj had provided training for the BMA through their previous company, Mouse Training for many years. Their helpful, friendly and professional approach has been consistent throughout and therefore the decision to continue with their excellent training services was an easy one. The same high levels of dedication and hard work are evident at their new company, Phoenix Solutions4all.

They have been a very valuable asset to BMA’s training requirements. They have vast knowledge of the Microsoft products and also know some of the bespoke applications used within BMA. Their performance has been outstanding (as shown in the classroom feedback) and they are very flexible in their approach, so much so that it has been like having the same high level of commitment received from permanent members of staff.

They have provided the BMA with one-to-one, group training and help desk application support. They have been key to the successful delivery of many projects, most recently delivering training and support for the Google Apps suite and many other rollouts over the years.

The BMA prefer Phoenix Solutions4all as their training provider, especially because of Maggie and Raj’s track record and the BMA are certain that they would receive the same level of outstanding training /consultancy service from them.

Representing the BMA, I would always recommend their training services to others if and when asked.

The Bar Council - Catherine Phillips, IS Solutions Developer/Training Co-ordinator

Maggie had worked with our CIO in the past at another organisation and he recommended her on joining our company. Once we met with Maggie we liked her helpful, friendly approach and eagerness to study our bespoke system. We also liked the fact that the training programme is flexible and a good price!

Both Maggie and Raj are extremely professional in their approach. They have studied and learnt our bespoke system very quickly and I’m impressed by how much knowledge they gained in a short time. I’ve also received excellent feedback from our trainees on their ability to impart knowledge, their approach to training and their friendly helpful nature.

I would highly recommend Phoenix Solutions4all to other companies

Learning objectives for our bespoke systems have been met within the organisation since using Phoenix to deliver the training.

Our organisation will continue to do business with you in the future and are already looking at more training programmes for you to deliver.

I would recommend Phoenix Solutions4all to others because they are both very competent and likeable trainers, they have a flexible approach and can provide affordable training on both bespoke and generic systems.

RenaissanceRe Syndicate Management Limited - Harriet Friend, HR Assistant

Raj, Maggie and the other trainers had run several sessions for the Company through the previous company, Mouse Training, so when I joined the Company in 2012, I decided to continue using them.

The knowledge of all trainers is outstanding and we can rely upon them to fulfil all of our employees’ training needs. The administrative process when arranging, organising and booking training is also second to none, as Maggie ensured that each booking was made with both ease and precision.

They have provided us with exactly what we wanted and have managed to answer the demands of both our junior and senior employees. RenRe were very impressed with the full process; completing the assessment sheets, assigning employees into the correct competency groups and conducting the training itself. We have excellent feedback from all of the delegates and were particularly happy with the emphasis they placed on allowing delegates to vocalise any concerns they were having and alter the pace of the session as required.

RenRe IT training requirements are assessed annually and we require time-efficient, tailor made sessions to ensure that our employees meet their own objectives within a succinct session that doesn’t conflict with their busy work schedules.

We ran Microsoft Office training in both 2012 and 2013 and were thrilled with both the standard of training and feedback received from our employees.

I cannot think of any recommendations to improve the service. We have been very happy with the standard set in all previous sessions.

I’m thrilled to confirm that the learning objectives for the organisation were achieved. Both Raj and Maggie have provided a terrific service and I think that the bespoke sessions that they offer are perfectly suited to match RenRe’s goals.

Having relied upon both Raj and Maggie to deliver in the past, we will be sure to call upon them to deliver in the future.

I would certainly recommend their training services.

Blue Chip Major Insurance Company - David Leckie , Project Manager

My experience with Maggie and Raj was on an Office 2010 migration for the Group Head Office (GHO) users of a major UK based insurer. I was introduced to them by another Project Manager from the same insurer who had engaged them to support an Office 2010 migration in their Asset Management division. At that time they were woking for their previous company, Mouse Training.

Raj and Maggie came with excellent references from the asset management division PM and were engaged to provide training service for the GHO Office 2010 migration Project.

I’m pleased to say that all learning objectives were achieved. The project was completed without a single Business impact and over 1000 user developed applications plus 50K documents and SpreadSheets were migrated without incident.

I would recommend Phoenix Solutions4all to others without hesitation because I know that the same dedication, hard work and commitment will be reflected in their new company through their outstanding personalities.

Raj and Maggie were an absolute asset to the Office 2010 project and quickly established themselves as the first line of support for all training, migration and support related issues. They even offered an on-going telephone support service for Office 2010 issues. This has no end date and has been used on numerous occasions.

Number8 - Peter Hart

Maggie had been very proactive and flexible with sorting out the training we needed. So it was an easy decision to follow her to Phoenix.

We don’t have a huge amount of internal depth with our IT knowledge so we rely on competent external service providers to advise and educate us. From the initial contact with Maggie through to the on site training with Raj we never felt patronised or that our lack of experience was an issue. The training was targeted to the different levels and everybody came away feeling they had achieved something.

By mixing some simple basic tips with more complex applications, everybody felt more confident with using Excel.

We would absolutely recommend Phoenix Solutions4all to others if and when required.

We would recommend Phoenix because they delivered a flexible solution and achieved our goal which was to extend our knowledge and provide the confidence to try a few more complicated things using Excel. This was all achieved without making anybody feel as IT illiterate as we probably are.